CX Spray Safe 20ml Spotless

CODE: 1104


Spotless from CX Horticulture is a concentrated fluid that once diluted (20ml per litre of clean water) can be used as a foliar spray to effectively clean your plants, prevent or remove certain causes of leaf spots.

CX Spotless is a 100% natural product that will not damage or suffocate your plants.

Best used as soon as lights have gone out, to avoid rapid evaporation. Simply mix 20ml of CX Horticulture Spotless Concentrate with 1 Litre of clean water and add to a spray bottle. Spray each plant ensuring complete coverage above and below the leaf. Repeat this after 3 days and again after 6 days to ensure a complete cure.

Not suitable for use on seedlings or just rooted cuttings.

A simple, affordable and reliable product.

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