2x 30Ltr pot 600W Digital, air cooled light with filter kit



All our kits are designed by our clients for clients.

The favourite system Kit contains:

  • 2 x double potted 30ltr pot system with all plumbing and socks
  • NEW UPGRADE” Digital ballast allowing light to run at 250, 400 and 600W
  • 1.4mtr L x 0.8mtr W x 2mtr H growroom with window
  • Digital ballast with HPS globe
  • Digital timer for light
  • Easy adjustable light hangers
  • Can Filter and fan with 150mm duct
  • 100ltr tank, pump and JBL heavy duty timer
  • Air stone Kit- oxygen for tank
  • Canna Coco 1ltr nutrient set
  • 50ltr Canna Coco medium
  • PH Electronic tester with ph up and down
  • Stand for pots
  • Support netting
  • Integral Hydroponics book so there is no failures

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