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CX Coco Bloom 5Ltr Set

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The dynamic equilibrium which exists in cocopeat can work either for or against your crop. It creates its own set of demands that are different from growing in an inert medium. Cocopeat unlike inert media has a buffering capacity for nutrients that consequently causes a dynamic equilibrium to occur when the plants draw nutrient from the solution. Furthermore cocopeat begins to decompose from the time it comes into contact with the nutrient solution. This breaking down of the cocopeat actually uses up the nitrogen in the nutrient solution stealing the nitrogen from your plants. This is commonly known as nitrogen drawdown. The dynamic equilibrium and the decomposition of the cocopeat create a very demanding environment; one that demands an auto responsive nutrient. Xpress Coco is a premium nutrient and is the only nutrient that utilizes Fusion Nutrition technology to meet all of these demands and promote vigorous growth in cocopeat. Xpress Coco has the latest slow release nitrogen technology that releases additional nitrogen into the nutrient solution in response to the nitrogen drawdown and an advanced equilibrium enhancer to ensure the best results every time. These features make Xpress Coco the ultimate choice for growing in the cocopeat medium. The main difference between cocopeat and inert media is that cocopeat already contains nutrient elements and salts. It is for this reason that ordinary nutrients will not perform as well as Xpress Coco a nutrient that has been designed especially for this medium. The Canadian Xpress Agronomists have scientifically devised Xpress Coco to provide everything a plant needs to flourish in cocopeat. A perfect example of Fusion Nutrition Xpress Coco will deliver the cutting edge organic constituents as well as the latest science has to offer in inorganic extremes. The result is an extraordinary liquid fertilizer solely dedicated to maximum plant production in cocopeat. This revolutionary formulation has been stringently market tested by independent cocopeat growers world wide. It is with this confidence that we put forward the very finest cocopeat nutrient available. With years of testing completed our Agronomists have identified and overcome the complications of cocopeat growing. The problem with cocopeat is that it varies in its consistency depending on its source and the grade of the product. However cocopeat does generally have one common flaw it contains unwanted salts. Non nutrient salts basically interrupt the desired uptake of nutrients by the plant. Xpress Coco contains a unique additive to specifically counter the salt problem inherent in all cocopeat and enabling luxury levels of nutrient uptake.

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