CX Wilt Guard 5Ltr

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Use for preventing wilting & eliminating Pythium There are a lot of challenges to be met when you grow a crop. This is especially so in the indoor garden as the crop is entirely dependent on you to provide it with all its requirements. One of the major issues is that of root disease. The hydroponic environment provides the ideal conditions for your crop but ALSO provides the ideal environment for diseases that attack your crop. While disease attacking the aerial parts of the plants is always noticeable those attacking the root systems do their destructive work in the dark. One day you are admiring your crop the next day you are wondering what is wrong with it. Half way into the flowering cycle the leaves have suddenly started to change color and they start to wilt. All you can do is watch while your plants deteriorate and you end up with half the crop you were hoping for-if you're lucky. If you're unlucky you'll end up with nothing. Why do these problems usually arise during the flowering period? The problem here is that plant roots virtually stop growing once flowering commences. They do manage to replace roots that die during the early stages but even that process slows down as the plant heads toward maturity. So it is vital to protect the roots and take every step possible to ensure their health and survival. Is there anything you can do? Fortunately there are a number of strategies you can put in place. Don't be fooled though by claims of 'miracle cures'. There aren't any. One of the first actions you can take is to add Wilt Guard to your nutrient solution at every solution change. Wilt Guard is a specialized form of potassium which is very readily assimilated in large amounts. Potassium is the element responsible for strengthening the osmotic pressure within the plant and for regulating water loss. Under stressful conditions the guard cells on the outside of the stomata close to prevent water loss. The mechanism by which these guard cells operate is potassium based osmotic pressure. By using Wilt Guard you are ensuring the best possible conditions for this process to take effect.

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