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Your one stop Hydroponic shop for the Hobbyist & Commercial Grower

One of Perth's most experienced and largest hydroponic shops. Whether you are searching for hydroponic nutrients, grow rooms, grow lights, or complete hydroponic grow box systems, visit the Growroom or give us a call.

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  • New buy prices 14 Feb 15. New buy prices are out on Canna. For the best deals come in.
Urban Cultivator Residential

$3,699.00 inc GST

Urban Cultivator Commercial

$12,500.00 inc GST

600watt Light kit

$199.00 inc GST
Normally $270.00 inc GST

CO2 Controller

$600.00 inc GST

Ballast Lumatek 600watt

$320.00 inc GST

Ultramask B Clear masking agent Free freight

$95.00 inc GST

Stack A Tub System

$250.00 inc GST

Nft Kit 324 Plant site

$7,000.00 inc GST

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